A film on ‘The Prince of Music’ in the making

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In the pantheon of legendary Indian film composers, one name that definitely stands out is R D Burman, aka Puncham Da. Even though it's been over two and a half decades since he passed away, his music continues to captivate the imagination of musicians and music connoisseurs to this day. To unfold this story, Nideas, the production house owned by the Bengali star Prosenjit Chatterjee, along with Fresh Lime Films helmed by Akash Chawla and Arunava Joy Sen Gupta, have come together and announced a collaboration of the book to screen adaptation (in Hindi) of 'R D Burman: The Prince of Music’ by Khagesh Dev Burman. The source to the project added that the same is being developed and would then be decided if it’s a film, web or both.  

This book opened to rave reviews and went on to win the National Film Award for Best Book on Cinema in 2011. The book deeply explores the phenomenon called R D Burman and how he changed the way Indians perceived Hindi film music. RD revolutionized Hindi film music in the 1970s, and with his emphasis on rhythm and beats, this Pied Piper of Hindi film music had young India swinging to his tunes. At the same time, he proved his genius to many detractors, who criticized him for corrupting popular taste wrong, by composing some of the most influential raga-based songs in Hindi cinema. The book also highlights many unknown aspects of his personal life, which go beyond music.

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On touching base with Prosenjit he stated, “For me, the music of Indian Film Industry means R D Burman. He has a huge impact on the film industry. When I directed my first Bengali movie, I always thought of having RD as my Music Director. I was more than surprised when he agreed to do the music and also sung a song for the film. It was a blessing for my film and me. When I read this book I thought it is high time to pay a tribute to this man who is God to this industry. It is not only a tribute from our end but from the entire film fraternity.

To this, Akash Chawla and Arunava Joy Sen Gupta of Fresh Lime Films further added, “With our web series ‘Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone’ and our Marathi film ‘Anandi Gopal’ that remains the highest box office grossing Marathi film of 2019 so far, we could bring to life amazing stories of extraordinary people. We are happy to now adapt this book that will bring to life the legend Panchamda, whose music has immortalized him forever.

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