Protecting nature isn’t about a nation: Esha Gupta

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Mumbai, Sep 3 (IANS) Actress Esha Gupta says protecting nature is not just about a nation, but everyone should pitch in.

Esha has been the face of various earth conservation activities such as recycling, waste management, beach cleaning and preservation of green cover, and she was recently felicitated with the Green Crusader Award by Bhamla Foundation.

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Esha received the award for her contribution to the environment, and also for her involvement in green activitism.

“Such awards give us motivation and (serve as a) reminder of how much more our planet needs us. They give me courage to not stop fighting for our home. Protecting Mother Nature isn’t about a nation. It’s our duty to protect our planet as human beings if we want our kids to have the same — in fact, (our kids should have) a better future than what we have had. This is only possible if we don’t make the efforts political but humanitarian. I have always spoken for the ones who cannot speak for themselves. I believe it is still not too late to save planet earth if we work together,” said Esha, who is a believer of sustainable development.

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