Pushtiie Shakti: ‘I am comfortable wearing a bikini on screen’

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Bikinis are no longer a taboo on-screen in India. More and more actresses are donning bikinis and being comfortable in one’s skin’. Recently, TV’s popular face Pushtiie Shakti made an interesting comment on this upcoming trend.

Shakti said, "I am very comfortable wearing a bikini. I have worn bikinis when I lived in Goa and I am proud of my body.”

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Shakti will soon be seen breaking all stereotypes through her upcoming ensemble female cast series to be aired on Times Group’s soon-to-be-launched OTT platform. Adding to her thoughts about wearing a bikini, Shakti said, “If a role demands that I don a bikini onscreen, I will not be hesitant about it. In fact, I believe the only way the audience will be comfortable and learn to accept all body types will be through showcasing it as an absolutely natural concept.”

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