QARIB QARIB SINGLLE trailer: Irrfan Khan is funny, cute and adorable in travel romantic journey!

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Irrfan Khan is one of the most talented actors we have in B-town. He is known for versatile roles. After entertaining us in HINDI MEDUIM he will be seen in QARIB QARIB SINGLLE which is a story of a middle-aged single man and a lonely woman how they come across via a dating site, they meet and travel together and find themselves in this world.

The trailer of the film is out and it’s quite refreshing to see Irrfan Khan team up with Malayalam actor Parvathy.

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The chemistry between Parvathy and Irrfan Khan is a delight to watch. Irrfan at his quirky best says some kickass dialogues which are funny and sarcastic.

From romancing to being brutally honest about his affair, Irrfan nails every dialogue and says it like a pinch of salt.

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Some amazing dialogue are, “Dheere se kaise chilate hai”, while the other one that Irrfan Khan accesses it is, ”Latte lana, apne laate nai.. coffee wala laate.”

Some funny dialogues and a spiritual romantic travelogue makes QARIB QARIB SINGLLE makes us await the release of the film.

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A new and funny journey of love, fights, flirt and romance is what makes QARIB QARIB SINGLLE a warm and beautiful trailer and not to forget Irrfan at its best yet again.

Directed by Tanuja Chandra, QARIB QARIB SINGLLE will release on November 10, 2017.

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