R. Madhavan reveals about his most memorable birthday

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Birthday is one day that almost everyone eagerly awaits with a lot of excitement. We have so many memories attached to that special day and there has to be one birthday that we all will cherish forever. Adorable Bollywood actor R.Madhavan, who celebrates his birthday today, too had a birthday which will be unforgettable for him.

Ask him which has been the best memory of how he has celebrated his birthday and he says, “I am not such a hyper guy as far as birthdays are concerned, but the most memorable birthday would be when I was in Canada and I was living with cowboys. I was an exchange student so I was actually with Madrasi cowboys going to school on horseback, it was a very unique site. But, they had a tradition that they put big Flamingos in your garden to tell the world that it’s your birthday. So I woke up in the morning and the entire lawn was filled with these Flamingos that the town had put up to celebrate my birthday. It was a very unforgettable birthday.”

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We wish you a very happy birthday, Maddy!

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