RACE 2: Anil Kapoor’s daughter Rhea styles him

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If you are mighty impressed with Anil Kapoor‘s super stylish, impeccable, debonair look in upcoming film RACE 2 then the credit for it goes to his darling daughter Rhea Kapoor. While the styling of other cast in the film has been done by Anahita, Anil’s character is styled by Rhea.

”Though Anahita has styled the entire film, my part was taken care of by my daughter Rhea,” says Anil.

view RACE 2 poster
view RACE 2 poster

Ask Anil about his fashion fundas and he says, ”I just wear and do things which make me feel good, in which I feel comfortable. I try to carry myself in a way that when younger generation looks at me they should express ”Yeh Sahi Aadmi Hai Yaar”.

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Anil is proud of his kids, who have been instrumental in guiding him from time to time. Says he, ”I am lucky to have such kids who, If I am going wrong, they correct me and my fashion sense.”

Indeed, Anil can’t go wrong when fashion connoisseurs like Sonam and Rhea are at the helm!

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