Raj Kumar Yadav starrer SHAHID receives ‘A’ certificate; may be edited for satellite release

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Director Hansal Mehta’s upcoming film, SHAHID, tells the story of slain human rights activist Shahid Azmi. The movie has received an A certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) for its theatrical release, but the makers have been asked to make certain changes for the satellite and DVD version. The film may have to undergo heavy editing, especially for television.

SHAHID stills
view SHAHID stills

Hansal Mehta, director of SHAHID, said, ”We will see what can be done about it. I am not saying I am okay with it; I am so busy with the theatrical release of the film that I am not thinking about anything else,” he says.

Commenting on the ‘A’ certificate for the film’s release in theatres, and he says, ”We have made the film the way we believed it should be made. CBFC has certified it the way they thought it fits best. They are a responsible body. I hope they have certified it correctly.”

The film is set to hit theatres on October 18 and Hansal is hoping for the best. ”People are responding well.”

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