Rajesh Khanna: A forgotten legend

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The entertainment industry indeed believes in the maxim that as long as the spotlight is on you, you are worshiped, but if you are no more in the limelight nobody seems to bother about your existence and contribution to the cause of cinema. Exactly an year ago, whole of the world was screaming and shouting at the top of the voices to draw attention and eyeballs about the monumental contribution Rajesh Khanna had made for Hindi cinema, on the eve of his passing away from this world, and only one year down the line, there are hardly few to fondly remember him.


But as a serious student of cinema, it indeed is the moral duty to remind the fans again about the monumental contribution that Rajesh Khanna had made towards Hindi cinema and why his memory cannot just be wished away. The phenomenal popularity that Rajesh Khanna enjoyed through the songs that he crooned- others also got songs, but they could come nowhere to Kaka- was owing to the fact that all his songs in one way or the other underlined the philosophy of life, be it the song of romance, or sad song, as pointed out by film historian Gautam Kaul.

Indeed, if one were to view the songs that Kaka crooned on the screen from this perspective, this aspect comes out as the stark motif.

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No other actor such a rich opportunity to sing such diversified variety of songs that echoed and underlined the philosophy of life, and for a national that that was struggling at the time to gain its footing in the early seventies right up to the mid-seventies, these songs provided it the much needed outlet to wriggle out of the paradoxical situations that it had to struggle with, even though the escape might have been momentary, but it still provided the much needed relief. Rajesh Khanna was fortunate enough to get a lyricist like Anand Bakshi, who penned most of the songs, be it ARADHANA, KATI PATANG, or AMAR PREM and contributed immensely in providing a cult status to Rajesh Khanna on the silver screen and gave him a halo of immortality, which no other star has been able to obtain.

One only hopes that the first superstar of Hindi continues to rule the heart of the fans and while he may not be remembered in the public space, the place that he has occupied in the hearts of the fans gravitates into a slot of perpetuity.

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