RAJJO doesn’t support vulgar content, says director Vishwas Patil

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National Award winning actress, Kangana Ranaut’s latest release RAJJO sees her playing a nautch girl who falls in love with Chandu, a young Brahmin boy played by Paras Arora who also makes his debut with this Vishwas Patil directed film.

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Despite making a film on a controversial subject such as the life of a prostitute, Director Vishwas Patil has ensured that his film does not fall prey to cheap gimmicks such as incorporating sensuous or vulgar scenes which might end up diluting the content of the story line. This stand of the director has found favour with not only the producers of RAJJO (Four Pillars Entertainment) but also with his artistes, including the lead actress Kangana Ranaut who all believe that the purpose behind making a film should be to highlight genuine issues that might otherwise be swept under the carpet by the society at large. It is for this very reason that the team has ensured that the film does not contain any abusive language or other kinds of vulgar content whatsoever.

For a film based on the life and journey of a mujra girl, it comes across as a real surprise that there is not even a single item number in this film. This is all the more astonishing considering the fact that ”item numbers” are considered the ”in” thing nowadays and almost every other film in recent times have had at least one ”item song” as part of their soundtrack. It is to the credit of music director Uttam Singh that he decided to swim against the tide and desisted from including such songs in the soundtrack of RAJJO.

As for the lead star Kangana Ranaut who has always been known for her bold and sensuous roles, RAJJO has been a welcome change in itself since it portrays her in a completely different avatar altogether. In fact for this talented actress who has wanted to move away from the gangster-girlfriend image for some time now, RAJJO has indeed proved to be a boon no less. Indeed one can go as far as to say that RAJJO would showcase the acting skills of Kangana, which is a far cry from her earlier films that focused more on her bold and daring image.

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Last but not the least, director Vishwas Patil is a satisfied man since he has been able to keep up his promise to deliver a clean family film in RAJJO in spite of it dealing with a controversial topic of not only the life story of a nautch girl but also a bold love story of a young Brahmin boy falling in love with an older woman who also happens to be a prostitute! The director who believes that a film should always cater to an entire family across age groups and not be targeted at a specific age group or audience, is happy and relieved that despite dealing with a controversial subject he and his entire team have been able to make a clean film without any abusive content or titillation.

This fact has also been acknowledged by the Censor Board who has awarded a U/A certificate for RAJJO thus reaffirming the fact that RAJJO is a clean family entertainer and can be viewed by everyone across age groups.

RAJJO is a musical extravaganza and is scheduled to release on 15th November 2013.

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