Ram Gopal Varma gets nostalgic about Bal Thackeray

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The entire Mumbai came to a standstill, when the news of Shivsena supremo, Bal Thackeray’s death was announced. Everybody paid their tribute to the Shivsena Tiger. All the prominent personalities were present at his funeral to pay their last tribute to the king of Mumbai and those who couldn’t make it took to the social networking platform to express their grief. Amongst them is the maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who had made SARKAR series, based on the life of Balasaheb.

Ramu recalls the unforgettable moments spent with the courageous politician.

He tweets, ”Many of the dialogues from both Sarkar and Sarkar raj are actually Bala sahebs lines which i copied from what he said! He actually told me ‘mujhe jo sahi lagta hai main wahi karta hoon! ‘which I copied and made Amitji say in Sarkar”’


He reminisces the day when Balasaheb saw his film. In fact Thackeray was so impressed with Ramu’s work that he hugged him after the movie.

”Was sitting nxt to him watching sarkar at Rajkamal theatre uddhav was to my left and raj was to his right holding his wine glass and chips… can’t evr forget the hug the real Sarkar gave me when he saw reel Sarkar…Bala saab was a true epitome of power in every sense of the word,” he tweets.

RGV also stated, ”If Godfather was not there i wouldn’t have made sarkar .if Bala saheb wasn’t there I couldn’t have made Sarkar.”

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Hundreds of thousands of people galore at the Shivaji Park, where Thackeray was cremated, just to have a last glimpse of their favourite leader, which indicates the love & respect that people had for Balasaheb.

Watching the crowds going berserk, Ramu tweeted, ”Crowds at Sahebs remind me a line frm Attenborough’s Gandhi ‘Generations to cme wil scarce blve tht a man sch as this evr walked this earth’.

And we can certainly witness the aura that Balasahib carried with the very fact that Ramu, who’s known for his witty remarks and comments, with all the respect remembered the late Bal Thackeray

”I so wish Bala saheb was alive to see the humongous turn out of people at his funeral,” tweeted Ramu.

Indeed his death is a big loss for the entire Nation.

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