Ram Gopal Varma: The secret is to be a mystery, not flaunt your power

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Ram Gopal Varma is back. Well, as a matter of fact, he was never gone, courtesy three releases in nine months between 2012-2013 (THE ATTACKS OF 26/11, DEPARTMENT, BHOOT RETURNS). However given his prolific presence in the B-Town, it has been a relatively long break, that of seven months, as he returns with SATYA 2. Forewarning that the film is anything but a sequel but just similar to his cult SATYA in its spirit, Ramu gets talking.

view SATYA 2 posters
view SATYA 2 posters

One of the key drivers for audience to step into any film is its entertainment quotient. In that aspect, what are the kinds of key entertainment elements in SATYA 2?
I for one have never thought of any film in terms of specially designing entertainment quotient for it. Entertainment by definition is about holding the interest of audience and there are plenty of emotional conflicts and shock values in SATYA 2 to serve that purpose.

With the film, you are also making a statement that how many top guns in the past have made a mistake by declaring themselves in public. What really makes you conclude on this?
I am summarising it by this line in the film which says – ” Taaqat ki asli power usko chupa ke rakhne me hai” . If you flaunt your power, others can gauge it and hence work out ways to deal with it. The secret is to be a mystery.

Well, there is mystery indeed when it comes to casting of the film. Was it always in your mind to pick up an absolute newcomer for the part of a central protagonist?
Yes, because I always believed that in a genre film like SATYA 2, a new person would make the ongoing situations look more believable and hence realistic. Puneet Singh Ratn manages to do that quite well. His eyes say it all. He is very intense and a method actor.

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