Randeep Hooda’s fan gifts him paintings

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Being a celebrity has its own perks they say and Randeep Hooda will certainly vouch for that.

The actor got a glimpse of it when one of his fans made paintings of him and dedicated them to him.

view RANDEEP HOODA photo gallery
view RANDEEP HOODA photo gallery

Well they are not just one or two but a whole set of 50 paintings by artiste Latifa who is a great Randeep Hooda fan. The artiste has captured Randeep Hooda in various moods and hues on the canvas right from his ealier film D to the latest HEROINE. She has gone into a lot of detailing and chosen the best pictures to be painted on the canvas.

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Latifa has also uploaded these painting on video sharing platform for Randeep’s fans to see. Not only that, she has also posted comments as ”he did15 films and all are good and he offers the best.”

Randeep was so enamoured by the paintings that he thanked his fan immediately. ”Thank you so much for the wonderful paintings and the wonderful paintings. I have seen them all,” he said.

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