Rani Mukherji: I had a crush on Aamir Khan

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Actress Rani Mukherjee has said that she wouldn't dare to think herself in Aamir Khan's league.

Promoting her upcoming film TALAASH – THE ANSWER LIES WITHIN, which has Aamir in the lead, Rani said, ''Aamir is too huge a star, so taking my name along with him, is not fair. I wouldn't dare to think myself in his league or believe am like him.''

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Director-actor-writer-producer Farhan Akhtar and director Reema Kagti accompanied Rani for the Kolkata leg of the TALAASH promotion on Monday.

Farhan Akhtar, who directed Aamir khan 11 years ago in the film DIL CHAHTA HAI, said, ''It is strange because although 11 years have passed since DIL CHAHTA HAI, it feels like it happened yesterday.''

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The plot of TALAASH has been kept meticulously under wraps. Reema said, ''You know if I tell you the story, I wouldn't live to see the release. All the producers would shoot me dead. The element of surprise plays a big part in the film. And if I tell you something, it would greatly hamper your watching of the film, so I am doing you a favour.''

Rani Mukherjee, the lead actress of TALAASH, had acted with Aamir in the film GHULAM at the very onset of her career. ''When I worked with Aamir in GHULAM I was just 17-18 years of age. In school, I actually had a crush on him, so working with him made me very nervous as you can understand. I used to look at his shoes instead of his eyes when he sang 'Ankhon se tune yeh kya kar diya'. I admire Aamir and have learnt so much from him,'' said Rani.

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''There was so much to learn from him when I was a newcomer, even after spending so much time in the industry, I still feel there is so much to learn from him. I think am too small an actor to look into his journey, but as a fan, I feel he has grown strength to strength,'' she added.

On being questioned about the working experience with perfectionist Aamir, Reema said, ''I think we were very very obsessive about our work.''

Speaking on her character, Rani said, ''I look like Farhan in the film (laughs). On a serious note I can't speak much as Reema wants the audience to discover. There is a lot in the character that needs to be discovered. It is a very emotional role.''

Rebuffing the rumours on being connected to the film KAHAANI or re-shooting the ending of the film TALAASH, Reema added, ''You can't compare people (her and Zoya Akhtar), who have done one film, to the legendary duo Salim and Javed, who have had 20 blockbusters. It is very flattering to us but absolutely insulting to them.''

On being asked what they were searching for at the moment, Reema said, ''A hit and a long vacation.''

'I have a talaash (search) for a good and interesting character,' Rani said. Farhan said, 'Mujhe talaash hai jo inse kam cheesy answer de' (I search for somebody who answers in a less cheesy manner than Reema and Rani).'

Rani, who has been for the first time directed by a women director, denies the fact that direction has something to do with gender. ''When there is a women writer, it makes a lot of difference to the script because there are certain nuances and specifics of the character, which might be a little different when male writer, do it,'' she said.


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