Ranveer’s rappers taking India by storm!

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Ranveer Singh recently launched his cutting-edge independent record label IncInk with music evangelist Navzar Eranee. It was a truly historic day in the music industry of India as Ranveer announced that his passion project will look to unearth the future stars of the music scene and present their raw talent to a global audience. Ever since its launch, Ranveer has taken time out to personally mentor his artists and give them the best possible exposure so that they can showcase their talent. And looks like, his dream of creating the next generation of music stars is taking a good shape.
“Ranveer has gone all out and promoted his artists at whichever big exposure available. Despite being behind the scene at all times, he has used his superstardom to bring focus to these extraordinary artists and to bring focus to a musical revolution happening in India through rap/hip hop music. He has put the artists in front at all times and all that effort is bearing fruit. His artists are now doing several stage shows, all the 3 artists (Kaam Bhaari, Spitfire and Slow Cheeta) are soon to going to have their singles out. The artists are now creating their own fandom who are following these rappers religiously and these young talents are in turn connecting to so many people in India and understanding their culture, mindset and voice,” says a source from the live events scene.

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