Rapper KR$NA alleges IPL 2020 anthem is plagiarized from his 2017 track


Delhi-based rapper KRSNA has accused Indian Premier League (IPL) of plagiarizing a rap number of his to create the anthem for the 2020 edition of the cricketing tournament.

This year’s IPL anthem is “Aayenge hum wapas”, which has been composed By Pranav Ajayrao Malpe. Rapper KR$NA has claimed that they have plagiarized his 2017 track, “Dekh kaun aaya waapas”.

“I am deeply disappointed that established entities like the IPL and Disney Hotstar have permitted the plagiarizing of my song to create this year’s anthem without even seeking my endorsement in the matter,” KR$NA said.


He continued: “The fact that there were no hygiene checks undertaken to determine the originality and authenticity of the song before it was commissioned is quite alarming. My management and legal team are determining the next course of action as I believe we can’t let unlawful incidents like these be brushed under the carpet by large corporations at the cost of our livelihoods.”

“I have some experience in the music industry and a strong management team but I shudder to think what upcoming artistes would do in such a situation. Just cower under corporate pressure? For years, artistes and art has been plagiarized by well established companies and composers in India but I feel like we really need to take a stand and not back down anymore,” he added.

KR$NA, who is known for his brand of socio-political rap in Hindi, feels allowing incidents like “these to be overlooked without repercussions sets a dangerous precedent”.


“Listeners who brought this blatant case of copying to my attention have been extremely supportive and have urged me to take a stand, and I think it’s the right thing to do, out of respect for my art and my fans,” shared the artiste, associated with the independent hip-hop label Kalamkaar. –IANS/sug/vnc



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