Rashmi Virag: I write songs because there’s very less poetry left in the universe

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Ace lyricist Rashmi Virag has given penned lyrics for several Bollywood films likes DUS KAHANIYAAN, ZINDA, HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI and may more. His iconic songs include, ‘Zinda Hoon Main’, ‘Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon’ and ‘Muskurane Ki Wajah’ and few more. Now his latest song is ‘Tere Mere ’ from the lately released Saif Ali Khan starrer CHEF.

In conversation with Rashmi who candidly opens up about the inspiration for his songs, the new song from CHEF and much more.When asked Rashmi from where does he draw inspiration while penning songs, he said, “My source of inspiration is the honesty that comes with each new song and its music. If I’m writing for a particular tune, my source of inspiration is the honesty stored in the melody. If the melody is pure and fiery, even that comes as a source of inspiration. However, if it’s the other way round, wherein I have to write the lyrics and someone has to mix a melody with it, then it cannot be called the source of inspiration. In that case, what works is the love that exists between the two creators of the song, me and my music director. We need to be pure and attached to each other, we need to understand each other and we need to be selfless to the subject matter; selfless because we’re going to give birth to something in that moment, which is going to stay forever in the world, long after we are gone.”

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Adding further he said, “The reason that I write songs, in the first place, is because there’s very less poetry left in the universe. If my songs can add to the livability and happiness quotient of the universe, I would feel I have achieved something.”

Speaking about his new song from CHEF ‘Le Ja Mujhe’ he says, “The song is about multiple relationships. The relationship between the father and the son, between a separated husband and wife, the relationship between Saif Ali Khan, the protagonist in the film, and his work. This song had to cover all the relationships that exist in the film. Yet, the beauty of this song is, when it plays on the radio, it stands really strong as a standalone song. It’s a song about distance, separation, relationships, what went wrong and what really could happen within a story.”

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Lastly when asked him what are his upcoming projects to which he said, “ Things are in pipeline I will let you know as and when the time comes.”

Here’s wishing Rashmi Virag all the very best!

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