Rasika Dugal meets Manto’s family

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Actress Rasika Dugal, who plays Saadat Hasan Manto's wife in the forthcoming film MANTO, is hosting the late Urdu writer's daughters in India. She says that it is nice to finally get to meet the family.

Manto has three daughters, who live in Lahore. They have been extremely involved in the entire process of this film. Nusrat and Nuzhat flew to Mumbai to watch the film at a special screening of MANTO on Monday.

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Rasika and the film's director Nandita Das are making sure they get to see the "Bombay" that their father loved. The two daughters will also be visiting Delhi.

"It is so nice to finally get to meet the family. Nandita's efforts have finally brought them here. It gives me great joy to show them around Bombay (now Mumbai) – the city that their parents loved," Rasika said in a statement.

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"We went to Prithvi theatre and all of us including Nawazuddin Siddiqui (who plays Manto in the film) met for dinner later. So many stories were shared about Manto and Safia (his wife)."

MANTO is slated to release on September 21.

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