Rekha’s first kiss!

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Rekha, the versatile diva of Bollywood turns 59. Glamsham.Com wishes her many happy returns of the day and reveals the name of the actor with whom Rekha did her ‘First Kissing Scene’ and also revealed the man who rechristened her from Bhanurekha Ganesan to Rekha. Read on….

Rekha's first kiss!

So who was the first actor to kiss Rekha? Was it Navin Nischol or Jeetendra or Feroz Khan? Well none! The actor was Biswajeet, star of the 60s hit movies like BEES SAAL BAAD, KOHRA etc.

Though it’s true that SAWAN BHADON (1970) is Rekha’s debut film, it was not the first film that Rekha signed for Bollywood. Readers will be stunned to know that Rekha had initially signed ANJANA SAFAR, which was later changed to DO SHIKARI, opposite yesteryear actor Biswajeet, who was in demand in the late 60s with hit movies like MERE SANAM, KISMAT, DO KALIYAAN etc.

The movie was produced and directed by Kuljit Pal and was an adventure drama shoot in foreign location. Readers would be surprised to know that Rekha was selected for the movie on the behest of Biswajeet as in those days Biswajeet was working in numerous movies hence to avoid date hassles of a star heroine he suggested the filmmaker to cast a new actress. Thus Rekha walked-in. Further it was Biswajeet who rechristened Bhanurekha Ganesan as Rekha!

The other highlight of this movie was its passionate kissing scene shot between Rekha and Biswajeet. The scene became a rage in those days as the Asian edition of the celebrated ”Life” magazine published it on its cover thus bringing the debutant Rekha on national scene!

Interestingly the movie got much delayed (released in 1979) and her next release SAWAN BHADON (1970) became a huge hit, so today nobody remembers the movie.

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