Remembering great poet of Indian Cinema Sahir Ludhianvi – Part 1

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Glamsham.Com pays tribute to the literary giant of Indian cinema, Sahir Ludhianvi, in a week-long series on his 33rd death anniversary.

Kal Koi Mujhko Yaad Kare ,

Kyon Koi Mujhko Yaad Kare ,

Musroof Zamana Mere Liye,

Kyon Waqt Apna Barbad Kare!!

When Sahir Ludhianvi, unarguably the most competent Hindi film lyricist, wrote these lines, little did he realize that with changing times, the quality of Hindi film lyrics would nose-dive so low that the coming generation, however ‘musroof’ (busy), they would be, they will be compelled to recall great poets like him and alike to guide the new generation of so-called – ‘Shayars’ – who don’t even delve into thoughts before coming up with mindless verses!

The best example of the impotency of our today’s lyricist can be very well judged from their scarce knowledge! That’s the reason akin to the fairy-tale of the four blind men who express their diverse and ridiculous views on spotting an elephant. Similarly, we have lyricist of today speculating about – Ishq (Love) — where one describes Ishq as ‘Kambakht’ while the other ‘Nikamma’ the third ‘Kameena’ and the fourth terms it as ‘Mirchi’!

In contrast we have Sahir Sahab’s version about Ishq that he wrote in the marathon 12 minute long qawali in the movie BARSAAT KI RAAT. Have a look….

Ishq Aazaad Hai,

Hai Hindu Naa Musalmaan,

Gautam ka Aur Masih Ka Armaan Ishq Hai

Khaaq ko but, aur but ko devata karata hai ishq

Inteha ye hai ke bande ko Khudaa karataa hai ishq.

Indeed, the Hindi film industry never got and perhaps shall never get a poet of the caliber of Sahir Sahab who could unarguably be termed as Shayar -E-Azam.

It is not that Sahir was not competent at writing sensual and arousing numbers but the only difference (and the ‘finest’) he restricted his words within limits of ethics and moral code. Just listen to his steamy sexy song in the late 60s film IZZAT that was picturised on voluptuous and sexy Jayalalitha (the present chief minister of Tamil Nadu). The song went ….Jaagi badan mein jwala piya tune kya kar dala…(Izzat). Unfortunately, there is a dearth of poets of the caliber of Sahir as a result today’s lyricist pen similar lyrics using repulsive and putrid words like Aa Re Pritam Pyaare….

On the other hand take Sahir Sahab’s romantic number – Choo lene do nazuk hotoon ko… depicting the hero’s yearn for a ‘kiss’ expressed passionately in flowery words whereas today’s ‘Bold’ lyricist describe the same act with cheap and cheesy lines – Jumma chumma de de… or Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me… Ah Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me….

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