Respect film critics if you have invited them!

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Respect film critics if you have invited them!

Respect film critics if you have invited them!
Kabir Khan created a brilliant climax scene for BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN. People from India and Pakistan converged on both sides in an attempt to set Pavan Kumar Chaturvedi free. Now, Pavan had completed a noble task of ensuring Munni was safe back with her parents and citizens from both countries were pushing for justice.

At Fun Republic in Versova, Andheri, in Mumbai, a similar scene was being enacted before the Press Show.

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Apparently, there was a movie contest where winners were being given their free tickets. The film critics and assorted media was there too, on invitation. However, one had to push through the crowd to get to the front only to be told by the usher that we would have to enter with the tickets.

Fair enough!

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But where were the tickets and the hosts? Obviously, since they had not planned themselves, they too were probably being mobbed. Nay, maybe they were being ‘spiced’ up!

If you have invited someone for a show, remember to respect your guests. If you are not able to treat them right, don’t invite. We can always catch the movie on a Friday at a multiplex near to us. Remember, that’s a much easier option and costs much less.

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Let me explain. For those not living in Andheri, especially for me and many others, we spend at least 90 minutes in heavy Mumbai traffic to reach the venue, not to mention the taxi fare-up and down.

Multiply that with the time spent on road and you will realize that a lot of effort is being made to reach the venue to honour the invite. The least we can expect is for the PR agency handling the movie promotions to reciprocate that. As hosts, ensure you know who you have invited and more importantly, make sure that the passage to the screening is unhindered.

At least, I would not like to jostle for a ticket, pushing through a mob, behaving like a hysteric fan! I did it because I did not want my effort of coming to the screening to go to waste.

As I am trying to get a ticket, the shutter is being rolled down on me and several others. It could have caused a serious injury.

Not done. Just, not done!

Child actors who made us cry!
Harshaali Malhotra has had a sensational debut. The little girl is a complete natural in front of the camera. She bowled us over with just her eyes and expressions. And when she did speak a word towards the end, it left us devastated.

Swini Khara, Darsheel Safary and Harshaali Malhotra


Two other child artistes in the recent past have made a similar impact. First it was Swini Khara as sexy in CHEENI KUM on May 25, 2007. Seven months later (December 21, 2007) it was the turn of Darsheel Safary who left us in awe with his brilliant act in TAARE ZAMEEN PAR, a path-breaking film.

Both Swini and Darsheel shone in their respective roles and outshone the established stars. Amitabh Bachchan was at his best here, but Swini managed to score over him with a memorable act. Ditto Darsheel, who outshone Aamir Khan.

It is interesting to note that all three actors were portraying a character with a major physical ailment: Swini had cancer, Darsheel was dyslexic, while Harshaali is mute in BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN.

Did playing a handicapped character play a part in their performing above par? I guess not. If that was the case, Jugal Hansraj would not have mastered his role in MASOOM in 1983.

Children are fantastic actors. Remember Master Aamir Khan in YAADON KI BAARAAT? He is perhaps the only child star to hit the big time in a BIG way.

Here’s hoping Swini, Darsheel and Harshaali too, join the success bandwagon when they make their adult debut.

Bebo was right
Kareena Kapoor was right when she said that Nawazuddin Siddiqui was the turning point of the film, while promoting it last month. In the same breath she also hastened to mention that the little girl, Harshaali Malhotra, was the hero of the film. We wondered then what Salman Khan’s role would be.

Not only was she playing third fiddle while Salman played a subdued role, but both Nawazbhai and baby Harshaali were the scene stealers-performances worth going miles to see!

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