RGV on 26/11: For the first time, I am scared

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There is something uncharacteristic about Ram Gopal Varma that one evidence in conversations centered on THE ATTACKS OF 26/11.

Though 'mellowed down' is not the right way to describe how the filmmaker is approaching queries related to the film, one can definitely feel that he is much more controlled in his description of the film and is refraining from being his flashy and flamboyant best, something that defines his talks.

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"I have done films with arrogance and passion but this is a film that I have done with fear.

It is not about whether the film would turn out to be a success or not; it is about whether I have done justice to such an important chapter in India's history,'' says Ramu, 'I can't let down people who have shared with me such things that were so private to them as far as the trauma that they went through is concerned.

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To take that on screen, I was scared for the first time ever.'

Further drawing an analogy, he adds, 'It is like if you give me a delicate glass and wants to carry it somewhere else then I am scared of damaging it. Similarly for THE ATTACKS OF 26/11, I didn't want the story to be lost in translation.

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If these people have come to me and respected me then I have to give them back the respect. So yes, this fear is definitely there that I have given back everything that I had gathered.'

We look forward to that happening when this co-production of Eros International and Alumbra Entertainment with Nana Patekar and Sanjeev Jaiswal in principal roles releases all over this Friday.

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