Richa Chadha: I was stereotyped a lot; people thought I don’t know English


Richa Chadha has entertained us with all kind of films be it playing a mother in GANGS OF WASSEYPUR to a serious role in MASAAN to a very tough Delhi girl in FUKREY.

The actress will now be seen in web series Inside Edge playing yet another powerful role which will stun everyone.

In an exclusive conversation Richa spoke about her role, the film industry, how she was stereotyped, her wish to romance Shah Rukh Khan on-screen and many such interesting things.


Here are the excerpts from the interview:


Tell us about your role in Inside Edge?
I play a Bollywood actress Zarine who owns a team in Power Play League. The show is shot like a movie, and it’s about what all game goes behind this sports league.


There were reports that your role is inspired by Preity Zinta?
It’s nothing like that, Farhan and Preity are fiends and that’s all, it’s not inspired by any role or character.

What excited you about this role?
To be honest, I have done so many films with offbeat characters that I got stereotyped as that I don’t know Hindi and I am those arty types.  There were instances wherein people thought I can’t speak English and in some events media would only ask me questions in Hindi, I took this role as it’s a story of a normal girl, it has power and most importantly I speak English. it’s not that I am have any regrets that I did a certain role but I have been stereotyped and now would want to play a girl next door and make it iconic.

She went on to add.
The role is not about sports its more about power it’s about how a women who owns a team deals with politics and acts as a boss. She is tough but eventually she is a victim. There is also one thing that I follow that is for every character I use a different perfume for instance, for Zarine I choose an elite brand of perfume as she is classy and rich, while for GANGS OF WASSESPUR I used a mogra scent as that gelled with the role. As we have 5 senses I can’t change any, I can play with smell, perfumes help me get into the skin of the character. When I do a serious film it starts affecting me so I watch comedy films even when I was playing the role of Zarine in Inside Edge I made sure that I watch all animated movies


Do you watch cricket?
Yes I do watch international cricket, I believe one must have sportsman spirit, winning and losing is just part and parcel of game. I like watching IPL coz its fun. I am interested in ODI as well.

How is Richa Chadha as a person?
I am straight forward person and I am very easy going. I am very kind and its takes me time to get angry, I don’t get angry easily but when I reach that stage I am done with that person. So you can say I am extreme.

How do you deal with social media?
Yes, Anushka Sharma, Swara Bhaskar and me everyone speaks their mind, some guys say stupid things and it’s their job to do so. For these people trolls are a way of earning. Let them have fun… and I block such people who unnecessarily bug me.

What are the other web series that you watch?
I like watching web series, I mostly watch American Gods, and they are really good. I Love Sex and The City, Friends, House Of Cards and few others.

Does competition bother you?
Competition is everywhere, firstly this series is VOD (video on demand) the medium is web. As far as competition is concerned this show has so many talented performers like, there is an Irish actor, an American actor, and we have Angad Bedi, Vivek Oberoi. Such web shows help actors from all across the globe to connect and act together.

How much box office numbers matter to you?
It matters every time if a film like MASAAN or any other film on such subjects gets good business more and more producers will invest in such films.

What is that one role that you haven’t got till date and you aspire for?
(Laughs) Truly I have always got roles of a mother, a serious role aging ones or a gundi wala role, and that’s not like me in real life. I want to do a normal role, a romantic girl next door romance with Shah Rukh Khan.  Nothing has been offered till now, but hopefully one day they will.

How was it working with Vivek Oberoi?
It was great. He is super knowledgeable.  I remember when I was studying, his film SAATHIYA had come and I was in school and the ring tone of SAATHIYA was indeed popular. I like his films.

Who according to you is the most beautiful actor?
Rekhaji has a very nice deep voice. She is so elegant and graceful. I feel we have lost that generation, the beautiful era of Waheeda Rehman, Madhuri,Sridevi.

Why don’t you consider yourself beautiful?
I do but the industry doesn’t. For them the beauty is being fair skin, I have done arty roles; I have nothing against the industry or anyone. Now when I appear in events I have groomed myself and appear the way I want. I have my own styling. Too much make up and being polished all the time is not what I can do.



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