Richa Chadha says 'overthinking' is her 'stupid hobby'

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Mumbai, July 30 (IANS) Actress Richa Chadha confesses that overthinking is her stupid hobby.

Richa opened up on the subject while conducting an interactive session with fans on Instagram.

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When a user asked her what any new hobby she had picked up during the lockdown, the actress spoke about how she has been overthinking these days.

“Yes. overthinking. It’s a stupid hobby,” Richa wrote.

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Apart from this, Richa also shared about how she keeps busy. “I have a lot to do. Many deadlines,” she wrote.

On the film front, Richa recently shot for a sci-fi short film amid these troubled times. Titled “55kms/sec”, the film is directed by Arati Kadav of “Cargo” fame.

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“This was a challenging shoot as we had to do everything ourselves, from hair and makeup to recording sound but it was well worth the effort. I am happy that we were able to create something thought provoking and beautiful even in these grim times,” said Richa.



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