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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Richa Chadha takes to writing a new script during the lockdown

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While the world is merely waiting for the time to pass, Richa Chadha has been putting the lockdown period to good use. The actress disciplined herself to follow a strict routine, dividing her time between household chores, working out, reading and writing.

For anyone who knows her, the actress has the gift of the gab and her script too takes on her inherent spunkiness. She was developing a few ideas for the past couple of months. But given her busy schedule, she was unable to make time to write in between her shoots. '

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But ever since the lockdown was announced, the actress has been focussing on all things that are therapeutic for her and writing tops the list. She has been taking out a couple of hours every day to develop a script, with help from her writer friends.  

Richa says, “It all started with penning down a few thoughts and that just soon became an interesting idea. Soon enough, it started looking like a concept I would like to develop. It’s a comedy, my favourite genre. The premise is hilarious.

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The fact that all our lives have come to a screeching halt has made me contemplate the fragility of human existence. I want to write something that focuses on why people should prioritize what’s necessary. Too often we are all so busy chasing things, that we forget to spare a thought for ourselves and what really matters to us. It has been bottled up within me for a long time and the entire lockdown phase has accelerated my creative side. I am just putting together the skeletal structure and will then start looking for a screenplay writer .”

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