Rimi Nique: ‘We are hope’ about love, peace

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Mumbai, March 8 (IANS) Thai singer-songwriter Rimi Nique has come out with her new single “We are hope”, and says the song is about hope, love, and peace.

She came out with the new song on International Women’s Day on Sunday.

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She has sung for “Race 3” and “ABCD 2”, and has been part of “India’s Raw Star” and “The Voice” Thailand. The singer also lent her voice in “The Chamiya Song” along with the West Indies cricketer and musician Dwayne Bravo — aka DJ Bravo.

“Our world is going through a lot of darkness right now with the coronavirus, climate change issues, environmental issues, political issues, people’s personal mental and financial issues, the list goes on. It makes us feel helpless sometimes,” said Rimi.

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“I just want to do my part to help, and it starts with this song, ‘We are hope’. The song is about hope, love, peace, and it’s a reminder of our strength as human beings. We have the power to heal ourselves and change this world for the better, that’s what makes us so special,” she added.

Sharing her excitement about the song, she said: “I am very excited and extremely nervous actually. It’s the first time I’m doing a song that is completely non-commercial, a song truly from my heart, from my thoughts and feelings, something emotional, a ballad, and all independently (even using my own Rimi Nique logo). I felt like taking it out on Women’s Day would give me the courage, empower and motivate me to not be afraid and just share this very important and vulnerable part of me, who I truly am, without caring what people think. I’ve never showed this side of me before in music, it’s like opening a piece of my heart that I only kept for myself, but I feel like it’s time now.”

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