Rishi Kapoor follows Amitabh Bachchan’s footsteps

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It always is a difficult phase of transition that stars goes through once they reach a certain stage, more so when they have been under the arc lights for decades. But Amitabh Bachchan changed this template when he took a sabbatical from main stream roles and returned back with gusto as a character actor for whom roles are now written. His co-star of numerous and a super star in his hey days as well, Rishi Kapoor seems to be following in the footsteps of Big B.


While for Big B his return as a character artist was catalyzed primarily through KBC, for Rishi Kapoor it was Karan Johar who gave him a new lease of life in his acting career when he gave him the role of a pimp in AGNEEPATH and the menace in his performance that Rishi Kapoor created wiped out the image of romantic boy that he has had among his fans to replace it with a character actor of eminence. Rishi Kapoor gave on the most memorable performances that he has ever given in his acting career and has really deconstructed his image of being a chocolate romantic hero. A new innings of acting for Rishi Kapoor was initiated by Karan Johar as he deconstructed the image of Rishi Kapoor in the eyes of public. Creditable is the fact that Rishi Kapoor did not rest on the laurels of AGNEEPATH but went to enact the role of a principal who has had homo-sexual tendencies in STUDENT OF THE YEAR and Rishi Kapoor again underlined that he is the character actor to watch out for.

Rishi Kapoor came out with another convincing performance in AURANGZEB and has really wiped out the earlier image of a romantic hero that public had about him through his previous films to be replaced with an actor who is a performer and he needs to be remember and applauded for the characters that he enacts in the films in which he is acting.

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Rishi Kapoor indeed is having the best time of his life in his acting career as he has three new films to be released in the current year and include D-DAY, KAANCHI…, BESHARAM and MEHRUNISSA. Films to watch out for would be KAANCHI as here Rishi Kapoor comes back under the baton of Subhash Ghai after KARZ, and what would be interesting to watch out is whether Ghai and Kapoor are able to create the magic once again.

BESHARAM also would be lapped up as it would be for the first time that the father and the son would share the screen space for the first time under the baton of Abhinav Kashyap.

The kind of diversified roles that Rishi Kapoor is doing through these films underlines the fact that indeed only surface of his potential has been scrapped and there still is quite a lot left to explore. Who knows, one of these days, somebody could cast a Big B and a Chintu as well, and it indeed would be a casting coup.

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