Ritesh Deshmukh’s first production BALAK PALAK to have ‘Virtual Premiere’

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Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh has turned producer with Marathi film BALAK PALAK (BP).

Traditionally a film’s premiere has usually been hosted with the cast and crew in attendance, in closed door affairs with the invitees being from the film fraternity itself.

For the first time virtual premieres are being held, with the cast and crew in attendance on the big screen, in multiple locations, with audiences being the cinema going public.

UFO Moviez, the world’s leading satellite delivered digital cinema network, along with Valuable Edutainment, will pioneer the interactive ‘Virtual Premiere’ of Deshmukh’s BALAK PALAK at UFO digital theatres in 5 different locations (Mumbai, Thane, Nalasopara, Pune and Latur) at the same time.

view RITEISH DESHMUKH picture gallery
view RITEISH DESHMUKH picture gallery

UFO & Valuable Edutainment’s technology will enable audiences watching the preview show of BALAK PALAK on Thursday at Sona Gold in Borivali East, Fun Fiesta in Nalasopara, Gold Digital in Thane West, Prabhat in Pune and Big Rama theatre in Latur, to get a chance to interact with Deshmukh on the big screen in front of them at the same time.

In fact, audiences in each of these UFO digital theatres will also witness the cinegoers located in the other theatres in different cities asking questions.

Deshmukh along with co-producers Uttung Hitendra Thakur and Ravi Jadhav, who is also the director of the film, music directors Vishal-Shekhar, and the children of BALAK PALAK, will all be stationed at the Valuable Edutainment central studio, to watch and interact with the audiences in all UFO digital theatres at the same time.

The session is expected to last an hour followed by the screening of the film.

Deshmukh said, ”I am overjoyed that BALAK PALAK, a sensitive drama that will help parents realize how important it is to communicate transparently with your child, will create history with the first-of-its-kind Virtual Premier facilitated by UFO Moviez & Valuable Edutainment.”

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”Marathi films have created a mark throughout the world and with this unique technology; they will unite Marathi film going audiences in remote locations. I’m confident that BALAK PALAK will not only break box office records but also enter many books of record with this unique feat,” he said.

Sanjay Gaikwad, Managing Director, UFO Moviez India & Valuable Edutainment, said, ”In a fitting tribute to the 100th year of Indian cinema, a home-grown company, UFO Moviez, will show the world how it is possible to unite film lovers in different locations of this large country with popular film personalities at the same time.”

”We are happy to provide our technology to Ritesh Deshmukh for starting a new trend in mainstream cinema with BALAK PALAK and hope that the film breaks box office records.”

”Through the movie BALAK PALAK (BP) we have made an attempt to voice the subtle message of sex education to children by their parents,” said Ravi Jadhav, Director & Co-Producer, BP (BALAK-PALAK).

Speaking on the occasion, Uttung Thakur, Producer, BP (BALAK-PALAK), said, ‘The Indian cinema is witnessing first ever virtual premiere of the movie, starting from BP (BALAK-PALAK) we hope that we could reach maximum number of people through virtual premiere and convey the message on sex education to the society.

”By talking about this taboo subject to the audience we feel that the communication gap between parents and children would get filled up and they will freely talk with each other on the sensitive subject like sex.”

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