Saturday, October 23, 2021

RJ Mantra’s daily love dose in the time of isolation

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Mumbai, March 30 (IANS) Actor-RJ Mantra’s house of podcasts, MnM Talkies, has launched a daily audioseries called “Love In The Time Of Corona” – divided by quarantine, united by a cellphone.

Directed and written by Mantra and Mishkka, the story is a personal journey of two lovers, Cheenu and Poppy, stuck in different cities because of a national lockdown. 4G, WIFI, video calls nothing can replace the warmth of holding hands for lovers.

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“No matter the time, no matter the medium, love always finds a way,” said Mantra, who has also featured in Bollywood movies like “Tum Mile”, “Game” and “London Paris New York”.

The 21-day nationwide lockdown has kept most people indoors. A lot of celebrities have been entertaining their fans with their fun sessions or online videos featuring them and showing their culinary skills and more.

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