Robert Downey Jr. joins Bollywood to take on IPL

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Bhatts started it all by bringing Emraan Hashmi starrer JANNAT during IPL, hence taking the challenge heads on. The film was a hit and for the first time ever, IPL’s status of being undefeated was put under the scanner. Sajid Nadiadwala, Akshay Kumar and  Sajid Khan didn’t bat an eyelid too when they decided to unveil their HOUSEFULL 2 during IPL last year. With these films turning out to be biggies as well, finally it was time for Bollywood to stand up against the might of IPL.

‘Guess international filmmakers have taken a cue of that as well, what with Robert Downey Jr. turning out to be another candidate whose films have started becoming a regular feature during IPL and arriving with the kind of buzz and hype that not many Hollywood flicks enjoy. His IRON MAN 3 arrives next weekend and despite the IPL season being on and gathering steam, it is all set to give a good kick-start to the Indian Summer,’ informs a source.

Interestingly, Robert Downey Jr.’s last biggie, THE AVENGERS, too had arrived in the middle of last year’s IPL and was a roaring success. Moreover with Downey being on a double hat trick in India (his last five films – SHERLOCK HOLMES, IRON MAN 2, DUE DATE, SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS, THE AVENGERS – have all being major success in India, the stocks of IRON MAN 3 are further high.

‘It is the best case scenario for theatres in general across India because audience footfalls continue to be good during the IPL as well. At least exhibitors have something to cheer about with Bollywood as well as Hollywood coming together in tandem to ensure that despite cricket being on, cinema continues to be a popular form of entertainment,’ comments an exhibitors.

With Bhatts’ AASHIQUI 2 carrying good buzz as well and releasing alongside IRON MAN 3 (which is being distributed by UTV), it should well be a win-win situation for all involved.

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