Rocker Nitish Pires stuck on road due to COVID-19 lockdown

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Mumbai, March 27 (IANS) Rock singer and biker Nitish Pires, who started a 13-city tour called Fateh Inspire India in March, had to cancel his gigs due to the coronavirus outbreak and the nationwide lockdown. Amidst this situation, he has been facing a lot of ordeals as he is stuck on road.

For those unitiated, Nitish started a pan-India tour on his motorbike. He is currently riding his way back home to Goa.

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“Sleepy, tired, dehydrated as hell…last 250 kms and the Goan authorities… Hoping I can finally catch on my bed. Haven’t slept from a week, “Nitish posted on his Facebook account on Friday.

Nitish took proper safety precautions while riding.

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“As I’m on a bike, I’m already wearing a mask. Also, I’ve been asking everyone who’ll be greeting me to wear a mask. Also, I’m frequently using sanitizers if my belongings are exchanged with people. There’s no physical contact. 90% of my time I’m alone riding in my own world. I’m just on the road..not in the city or social gathering. I keep sanitizing my hands if I keep people. Getting a few signatures quickly and heading ahead,” he said.

He also shared how he did not able to stay at any hotel due to lockdown.

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“There’s a lockdown, and the hotels didn’t allow me to be there, they’re not taking bookings. I’m basically stranded with my bike on a long journey home. I want this virus to leave our planet as soon as possible and I pray for the safely of every living being,” Nitish shared.

Nitish was on a tour to promote his new single “Fateh”.



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