Rrahul Sudhir: I’m giving my best to deliver a performance that audiences will love

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The handsome actor Rrahul Sudhir to play the lead protagonist Vedant Tripathi in the show Rajaa Betaa. He has the innate ability of doing all it takes to bring a smile to his family’s face … He is the glue that binds them all together… everything that is considered the prerogative of a bahu in a family, Vedant fulfills as his own kartavya in the Tripathi household. Zee TV’s next early primetime offering introduces viewers to an ideal young man, Vedant – a highly qualified gynaecologist, adopted in his early childhood into the Tripathi family by Murari Tripathi who encourages his good-for-nothing son Ramesh, much against his own wishes, to raise Vedant as his own son. Brought up by a deeply discouraging, disinterested father but with the love of his foster dada-dadi, Vedant flowers into a fine young man, accomplishing everything Ramesh couldn’t. Constantly finding ways and means of giving back to a family that never truly considered him their own and largely turned to him for their own vested interests, Vedant embodies the kind of idealism that often attracts jealousy, insecurity, resentment and exploitation at the hands of one’s own people. Will love change Vedant’s destiny and find him someone that truly loves him for who he is?

The dashing Rrahul Sudhir has been roped in to play the lead protagonist Vedant Tripathi. Talking about his character, Rrahul said, “It is a privilege to make my debut with a show on a leading television channel like Zee TV. I will be seen essaying the character of Vedant. Vedant is a champion of relationships and family values. He always works on each and every relationship in his life. He never inherited one, therefore he never gives up on any relationship and tries to give his best. I believe that the most powerful way to reach the audience is through the characters' emotions and Vedant’s character allows me to do that. Moreover, the storyline and the narrative of the show is gripping, intriguing and touches your heart”. He further added, “This is my first break on television and I'm giving my best to deliver a performance that audiences will love”.

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