RUSH: Emraan on real v/s entertaining news

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RUSH has released and since the film aims at making a hard hitting statement on the functioning of media, especially the part around creating sensational news due to unavailability of any real news, one expects quite a few feathers to be ruffled.

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“Well, that is probably one of the things said in the film and we are talking about many other things that happen in the country,” Emraan says quickly, “It starts with the core philosophy of audience as well as the relationship between them and media. In the system out there which is about making or breaking news, the film does explore how far someone would go to get things done.”

He continues, “Audience perception towards this as shown as well because let’s face it, they too are sometimes critical of media for being harsh and insensitive. On the other hand media’s justification is that audience too is responsible for that before they are interested in seeing all of that, hence resulting in enhanced TRPs. It’s a vicious circle.” 

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His personal life is far simpler though, what with last couple of years being just fantastic for him. Moreover this year has been fabulous as well, what with RAAZ 3 turning out to be a blockbuster, JANNAT 2 a decent success and SHANGHAI winning him critical acclaim. Still, even though RUSH has been in the making for long, he has gone ahead and promoted it just like any of his other recent biggies.

“I have to give my services as required and do what the marketing team feels is best for the film. Actors do what they have to do to promote their films,” smiles Emraan before signing off.

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