Sad Fardeen Khan shows strength on Natasha’s miscarriage

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Bollywood actor Fardeen Khan‘s wife Natasha has suffered a miscarriage. The actor broke the news on a social networking sites. ”As delighted as we were to announce Natasha’s pregnancy I am equally saddened to say she had a late miscarriage,” he tweeted.

view FARDEEN KHAN photo gallery
view FARDEEN KHAN photo gallery

Fardeen few months back expressed his contentment about his wife’s pregnancy. ”I am delighted to announce that my wife is a very healthy 13 weeks pregnant and we are expecting twins.’

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Importantly, the couple was also reported of taking necessary precautions and even shifted to London to keep the babies safe from Dengue as the disease had hit the city.

Although the incident has saddened the actor, he showed strength and also communicated about Natasha’s health. ”What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Most importantly Natasha is in good health and can have try again. This half-pint I married is a warrior in every sense.”

We wish the couple a speedy recovery.

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