Sagarika lands in trouble due to Emraan!

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Emraan Hashmi is certainly the box-office favourite after two successful films, JANNAT 2 (hit) and his latest release RAAZ 3 (blockbuster), already under his belt this year. And there are good hopes riding on his upcoming, RUSH, the interesting promos of which have already ignited the curiosity of the movie goers.

view RUSH stills
view RUSH stills

In fact the latest song promo of Pritam’s highly romantic ‘Chup Chup Ke’, which features music’s lucky mascot Emraan Hashmi and the porcelain beauty Sagarika Ghatge, show that the music of RUSH has the Emraan Hashmi stamp and will surely be on everyone’s lips soon enough.

When we had last spoken to Sagarika she had told us, ‘Shamin’s RUSH is ten years ahead of its time,’ and seeing the promos and especially the song promo we now agree with Sagarika wholeheartedly.

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To know more about her role in the film we got in contact with the royal lineage actress, Sagarika, and she briefed us saying, ” I essay the role of an artist in the film and I play Emraan’s love interest in RUSH.” Without revealing the details of the plot she said, “It’s because of Emraan and what his character is up to/ his acts that I get into trouble in the film.”

For all the fans of Emraan we have good news that RUSH is now complete and all set to hit the screens on 26th October 2012.

view RUSH videos

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