Sagarika: Late Shamin Desai shot 95 percent of RUSH

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One of this week’s major release is the late Shamin Desai directed Emraan, Sagarika and Neha starrer, RUSH. The film tackles the hard-hitting and unique subject of media (especially many news channels) resorting to any means and sensationalizing anything and everything that they can get hold of for publicity and TRP.

view RUSH stills
view RUSH stills

To know more about the film and also the hurdles it faced due to the untimely demise of the director, Shamin Desai, we got in touch with Sagarika who told us, “Actually Shamin had already shot 90-95 percent of the film. And his wife Priyanka completed it. But then there is a lot more to do after the shooting is complete, and Priyanka had to do a lot.”

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We queried Sagarika about the music and her favourite song in RUSH, and also about her character and she replied “I am very happy that the music is getting so popular. Obviously my favourite song is ‘Chup Chup Ke’. I have already told you that I play an artist in the film and also Emraan’s girlfriend. I will not disclose how I get into trouble (due to Emraan) in the film. But I can tell you that I am the only ‘soft’ character in RUSH, by that I mean that I am the only who is not related to either the media or the crime world.”

With the promos and the music getting noticed and appreciated, and Emraan looking in good form, the fortune seems to be favouring RUSH.

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