Saif Ali Khan: Other older actors are still serenading girls

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Though he is not on any social networking sites, Saif Ali Khan is in the know-how of all that is being said, written and speculated around him and Kareena Kapoor.

With the advent of social networking media, since there is quicker feedback being shared the moment something is out on open, doesn't he get disturbed when even 'aam junta' continues to speculate about his personal life

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'I won't deny that sometimes you do end up reading a lot of negative things about yourself, especially on the internet.

However, if that was anything to go by, my films would have opened at 5% collections and I would have been long gone,'' he says in an amused tone, 'But that's not happening naa.'

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He could well be referring to his last flick COCKTAIL when some out there raised a question that at 41, how he could be romancing the likes of Deepika Padukone or Diana Penty.

Now in RACE 2, he can be seen with Jacqueline Fernandez and though in this twisted thriller by Abbas-Mustan, it is yet to be seen whether there is a romantic angle to them or is there something far sinister, Saif laughs away the age difference.

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'Come on, there are other actors from my generation who are all the older and still serenading their girls out there.

The idea is that you should look the part. In my heart, I feel like a 30-year-old. Maybe in a few years from now, I may be too old to play a romantic hero but as of now, I am just fine. Thank you so much.'

You are welcome Saif!

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