Salman Khan goes desi for BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN!

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The most sought-after star Salman Khan may be a global icon but his heart certainly caters to the Indian audience. Where Bollywood movies today have an international approach & appeal right from first look of the film to the lingo, Salman Khan is going desi for his upcoming film BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN!

Also for all my fans , I will soon start tweeting in ?????? and çñïæ also.Salman unveiled the new Hindi poster of his film BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN. Not only this, he even disclosed, rather vowed that whatever he will share about the movie on the micro-blogging site, he will post it in Hindi and Urdu. He wrote on the first day,

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With style bhai Salman Khan taking a new initiative to share the details of his movie (as a part of promotion) on social media in Hindi & Urdu, it seems the superstar will help in revitalizing the regional touch, which has been lost for long time. The tragedy is evident right from when the opening credits roll. If you cast your memory back to any Hindi language film released up until late 90s or early 00s, you might recollect that the film’s title was generally shown in three languages (English, Hindi and Urdu).

However, over a period of time filmmakers, in a bid to go universal, lost connect with the roots, apparently. Therefore, it is lamentable that the regional languages seem to have lost favor with the folks in Bollywood. So, now that Salman has decided to interact in the two most popular languages, it seems the industry will follow the suit!

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