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Salman Khan’s artworks on display at Bengaluru’s gallery g

A solo show of artworks by artist and superstar Salman Khan in a commercial gallery. Three paintings, including two new large-size works created by the artist will be on display at Bengaluru’s gallery g from 11th to 20th March 2022.

Adopting a unique hybrid format of display, Salman Khan’s artworks will first go live online on Google Arts & Culture on 4th March 2022. Two of his paintings, titled ‘Still In Hope of Compassion’ and ‘Begging for Peace’ will be on display on the GAC digital platform. Salman’s work was first showcased on Google Arts & Culture in February 2021

“In 2021, only one painting by Salman Khan was on display on GAC. This year we have added two more paintings by him, each being extremely arresting and unique,” explains Gitanjali Maini, Founder of Sandeep & Gitanjali Maini Foundation. “We have a great relationship with AGP World in Mumbai and were delighted when they approached us to help find a global platform to display Salman Khan’s art. Working with AGP World and through them with Salman Khan, has been one of the biggest projects that our Foundation has undertaken.”

Considering the actor’s keen interest in his work and enthusiasm to paint as much as possible, Bengaluru’s gallery g (also owned by Gitanjali Maini) offered to physically display Salman Khan’s works.

Salman describes his new works that will be on display as:

Still In Hope of Compassion: “There are wars. There is loss. There are pandemics to deal with. But there is also HOPE. And Mother Teresa tells us no matter what the odds, HOPE will always win.”

Begging for Peace: “Peace is not just an absence of conflict. Peace is the humility of two folded hands. The acknowledgment of our humanity. And the purpose of our life.” 

A huge admirer of Mother Teresa, Salman appears to have dedicated much of his creative craft to her and the humanitarian work she has done. “I like to say it with my films. With the stories that I tell. With the songs that I sing. With the dialogues that I deliver. And sometimes, I like saying it with colour and a blank canvas,” says Salman. While the actor most definitely packs a punch with his cinematic roles, his art is equally impactful.

“Considering the nature of Salman Khan’s art and keeping in mind the present scenario of war and unrest in the world, this is one of the most appropriate times to show works thematically based around ‘Peace’. The artist has thoughtfully projected his inner feelings through Mother Teresa and we at gallery g approached Dr. Girija Kaimal from Philadelphia to view the artist’s works and comment on them. Given Dr. Kaimal’s extensive experience in working with war veterans using art as therapy, these works become even more relevant during these testing times given what we are seeing around us presently,” explains Gitanjali Maini.

While Dr. Girija Kaimal does not know Salman Khan personally, nor has she interacted with the artist, her interpretations of his work are extremely apt and relevant, considering only the aspect of visual interpretation.

Salman chooses to keep his art close to his heart and is not keen to sell his works. Extremely private about his painting and his subjects, Salman gets very creative at times, adopting unconventional methods to express himself on canvas.

He primarily works with canvas, acrylic and oil paints, as well as charcoal and ink. Most of his paintings are large, done on canvas or board measuring five feet or more in height. He has also been known to use accessories like chains, wood chips and plastic waste and other material to embellish and enhance his paintings. In this series of work on display, the artist has used paint directly from the tube to create Still in Hope of Compassion.

While such techniques are often considered unconventional by critics, the finished product created by Salman Khan remains extremely arresting and often leaves the viewer thinking deeply.

AGP World has been representing Salman Khan’s art for several years now. Ashvin Gidwani of AGP World says, “Being born in India, a country so rich in arts and culture, I feel it’s my privilege and responsibility to showcase the treasures that we have. Salman Khan is a Neo-expressionist artist whose work inspires & motivates the viewers. His creations are reshaping the contemporary landscape and they strike a chord with one’s imagination, enticing them to look at the world through a sanguine lens.”


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