Salman’s TUBELIGHT trailer has a strong BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN vibe to it

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So finally the wait is over and the trailer of Salman Khan’s highly anticipated film TUBELIGHT is here.

The two minute long trailer takes us through the life of a simpleton named Laxman but known as ‘Tubelight’ as he doesn’t act his age in other terms is a child trapped in a grown up’s body.

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The trailer opens with an announcement that as the situation at Indian borders is very critical it’s expected that all the citizens will co-operate and be ready to help the nation in any possible way.

Then comes Laxman who is all excited about the chance to serve the nation while his brother Bharat (played by Sohail) is bit reluctant.

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Bharat and Laxman as the name suggests are inseparable and Bharat is the only one person who believes that Laxman is no less than anyone else.

Then we see Laxman and Bharat dancing in picturesque locales of Indo China borders and the camaraderie between them. Bharat leaves for the war while Laxman doesn’t want him to let go.

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Laxman in his quest to bring back his brother from the war will do anything but the big question is will he succeed?

In the trailer we also see glimpses of Matin, Zhu Zhu and Om Puri ji but its Shah Rukh Khan whose appearance in the trailer (even though for a fraction of second) excites everyone.

Over all the entire trailer gives a fair idea of what the film is all about but frankly speaking Salman’s act as a simple ton fails to evoke any sympathy for him or his brother. Also it has a very vivid BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN vibe to it which is something that the director should have refrained from repeating.

All those who have seen LITTLE BOY (the film from which TUBELIGHT is adapted from) would know why this trailer fails to generate any excitement among the cinephiles while on the other hand the people who are diehard fan of Bhaijaan and haven’t watched the original film would find plenty of reasons to look forward to this film.

However let’s wait and watch if this adaptation succeeds in doing justice to the original film or may be even goes a step ahead of it you never know.

Directed by Kabir Khan TUBELIGHT releases this Eid.

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