Sandeepa Dhar: Salman Khan improvises with every scene


Beautiful light-eyed beauty Sandeepa Dhar, who has been a part of films like DABANGG and HEROPANTI, has worked with Salman Khan and done various TVC’s with Aamir Khan and SRK. She has done various conventional films and isn’t keen on doing any romantic films as she believes that being a tree in a romantic film is better than not doing one.

However, her lately released film BAARAAT COMPANY is an out-and-out rom-com, wherein Sandeepa plays a quirky character.

In a candid interview with Sandeepa, she spoke about her film, roles and working with three Khans and more…


Here are the excerpts:


Tell us about your experience shooting for BAARAAT COMPANY?
I loved the concept of the film BAARAAT COMPANY. It’s a different role and different experience altogether for me. I am not essaying a normal next door girl actor. I play Mehek who is a feminist, a wild life photography, Mehek speaks with etiquette, it’s a rom-com. In fact, I had to gain 6 Kgs so the director on the sets would usually get all the chicken and kebabs and everyone would feed me, it was also a no make-up role so I had not applied any make up. On the sets the director would come, and wipe my face with tissue to check if I had applied make up or not.


How different is Sandeepa from the character of Mehek?
Very different. I am full of life. I am talkative and noisy, while Mehek is full of etiquettes. We both are strong and opinionated. I am feminist in real life. In fact Mehek is a badass and never gets intimidated by anyone. She is quite opinionated in her own way, as she is out from a serious relationship. She has become cautious. I am girl of today’s time, and believe one can balance everything.

Are you okay for romantic roles?
The story needs to be appealing. I won’t be standing there just like a mannequin. The director who would get something out of me I will be all up to work with him. I won’t be there just to look pretty and glamorous.

'Would love to do a biopic on Indira Gandhi'


With the ongoing trend of biopics, would we see you doing a biopic?
I would love to do a biopic on Indira Gandhi.

You have worked with Salman Khan. Which other khans would you like to work with and any qualities that you would like to describe about them?
I worked with Salman in Ad films with Aamir, SRK, I have covered. I would want to work with them in films. I want to work with SRK. DDLJ has been my all-time favourite film! One thing that I would like to say is that, I am glad that they are doing different things, not the regular hero heroine kind of films. Talking about Salman he improves and changes with every scene. He is always thinking about how to make the scene better. I have seen that with Salman.

Aamir Khan is like a director. He thinks from a director’s perspective. He looks from a much wider perspective. He likes to do things that are off tangent. I also want to do different things.

No one can romance like SRK. He can romance a tree as well and has been sustaining for years.

What is your take on relationship and marriage?
Both are great, one needs to be ready for it. You need to be financially secure before you take nuptial vows, you need to be financially independent. Don’t depend on your husband for everything.

So arranged or love marriage?
I am cool with both. When I see my parents, I want similar kind of marriage that goes on for years. I want few qualities in a man first and foremost, honesty, trust, personality, a guy who makes you laugh has an edge over others. Looks don’t matter to me. I appreciate people who show flaws. I like people who are real.

What is your take on Nepotism?
Of course it exists. It’s not a debate, just because you are someone’s son doesn’t mean it guarantee’s success. How you fare, how your career goes it depends on your talent. Yes for a non-filmy it gets difficult to get the first movie but nowadays it’s not that tough. It’s a great time to be in films. So many new people are getting launched.

If not an actor what would you be?
A travel writer. I am a dancer, and I love to be one.

Sandeepa Dhar in one word!



Sandeepa Dhar: Salman Khan improvises with every scene 2

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