Sandip Soparkar made Emraan perform Salsa for RUSH song ‘Hote Hote’

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Sandip Soparkar is well known for his Salsa and Latin dance and is very precise with his moves and on the other hand Emraan Hashmi is said to be very far from dancing. When Sandip was approached as a choreographer for the song 'Hote Hote' from the film RUSH starring Emraan Hashmi, Sagarika Ghatge, Neha Dhupia, Aditya Pancholi and others, he was very excited.

The shoot of the song 'Hote Hote' took almost 3 days and Sandip Soparkar was on his feet to choreograph the song and he asked Neha Dhupia to take classes of Salsa from him for the song and this prove to be very material as Neha Dhupia worked very hard for the song and Sandip was successful to bring the best out of Neha Dhupia.    

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Sandip says, "I made Neha to take classes from me to practice the song as the lyrics of the songs demands sensuality along with lots of dance moves. And I must say, she prove to be outstanding and did a lot of hard work and I can proudly say that the salsa classes she took with me before the song…has made her look sensational in this song."

Sandip also revealed that the 'Hote Hote' song was first called 'Say' but now it has been transformed to 'Hote Hote'.'

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Sandip further revealed that, "When the time came to choreograph Emraan Hashmi's steps for the song. Emraan told, 'Please difficult steps mat dena'. the whole crew had a great laugh. But as I choreographed steps for him he came out as a 'chhupa rustom' and he did a great Job and yes he has danced some different steps for this song too."

The producers had specially got dancers from London for this song and they were very good in catching the steps. And about the set up the entire look of the song was like Moulin Rouge (i.e. Red and Black). The song is just sexy & hot and I have incorporated moves from different dance forms so that the song can have a very International Appeal.

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Sandip has always delivered the best of best Choreography so far and this one from Rush has also won him applauses. The song Hote Hote has made rage reviews and its dance steps are well appreciated.

Good going Sandip!



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