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Sanjay Dutt: I don’t want my kids to be like me

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Despite having a filmy family legacy Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt feels actors have to carve their own mark and no filmy lineage can help the actors achieve stardom.

When asked to Sanjay Dutt about his take on stardom, he replied, “Actors are born but they never gain stardom because of being a star son/daughter or having any filmy lineage. Though my father Dutt sahib launched me in the film industry, ultimately it’s my talent and hardwork which took me places. Stardom is one such thing where a person is constantly in the limelight and has to be open about all his moves and that is the price he/she has to pay.”


Sanjay who has multiple blockbusters to his credit says success should not go to one’s head and it is more important to be a good human-being than anything else. “No matter how big star you are, if you are rooted to the ground then its good. The only important thing is to be a good human being. And I have always been saying that it’s the public who has made me star. It’s because of my fans where I am today,” he says

Sanjay, who is the father of three children – Trishala (daughter from first wife Richa Sharma) and twins, Shahraan & Iqra (from his current wife Manyata), is enjoying his fatherhood now which he could never with Trishala. As Trishala grew up in US, Sanjay could hardly spend time with her and experience the beautiful moments of a parent-child relation. Sanjay gets candid, “I could never experience fatherhood with Trishala then. I have missed all the beautiful moments of a parent-child relation. So it’s altogether a different and enjoying experience with my kids Shahraan and Iqra.”

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Ask Sanjay what kind of father he wants to be and he says, “I want to be exactly like my father Dutt sahab the way he used to support us. But I would like to tell my kids not to be like me as I was in my childhood days.”

After spending considerable time in the industry, hits and flops don’t really matter for Sanjay. “Hits and flops don’t really matter. It does because of survival factor and it does not because I have spent enough time in the industry. But instead of cribbing on the flops I keep moving on,” says Sanjay

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As an actor he may not have changed but as a person he’s gone through lot of changes.

“I haven’t seen any change as an actor. I have not changed grossly but I have become a more frustrated person now. I get easily agitated these days.”

“I used to be emotional and take my decisions from heart. But after spending a considerable time in the industry it has reversed. I have become more practical now,” he adds on a parting note.

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