Sanjay Gadhvi: AJAB GAZABB LOVE has some hilarious moments

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Sanjay Gadhvi is finding himself in a happy space. His musical romantic comedy, AJAB GAZABB LOVE, is gaining some good visibility for itself and with just three weeks to go, the buzz is only seeing further escalation. The heartburn of KIDNAP has been left far behind and Sanjay is pretty much back in the ‘zone’ where entertainment is the key.

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“Guess what, compared to KIDNAP, think directing DHOOM was far easier and was like a breeze. It was not a heavy film to make and there was no real pressure. On the other hand KIDNAP was a little draining in terms of drama and I was quite conscious too while directing it. However after KIDNAP, I am on the rebound with AJAB GAZABB LOVE,” says Sanjay who is happy with the response that the Jackky BhagnaniNidhi Subbaiah film is garnering.

He does confess that his KIDNAP didn’t work to the extent that he wanted to even though its opening at the box-office was good.

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“After that film, I wanted to go out and do something that came naturally to me.
I will give you an example. If you look at Uday’s character of Ali in DHOOM series, it is clear that I have good comfort level with comic and funny elements in a film. Something like that comes naturally to me. Now with the script of AJAB GAZABB LOVE allowing quite a few hilarious and light hearted moments, I was back in a happy mood right through the shooting schedule. There were smiles all around,” he says.

With the film arriving on 24th October 2012, here is hoping that there are smiles on audience face as well.

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