Sanjay Gupta: Ekta is a sleeping tigress

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Ekta Kapoor would soon be announcing her big plans for SHOOTOUT AT WADALA as far as the films promotional and marketing is concerned. As for director Sanjay Gupta, he is concentrating entirely on getting the perfect content together that places his film at the top of the heap of biggies that are all set to arrive in 2013. In a strong way, it can also be pretty much said that the Ekta and Sanjay found each other at just the right time. After all, for quite some time Sanjay was looking for a producer who could get it all going for him, while Ekta too was hunting for someone with good industry experience.


”Well yes, it is a marriage of convenience but then we have got together earlier for SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA as well. That was a good collaboration and worked quite well for both of us. Yes, I made some films that didn’t work while her films like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and EMI didn’t do well either. Today both of us are bouncing back. She is sitting pretty on so many successes while I am too, all charged up about SHOOTOUT AT WADALA. It is a different story though that I anyways wanted to make KHHOTTEY SIKKEY first. It was she who convinced me to make SHOOTOUT…. first. The initiative was hers,” says Sanjay.

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Sanjay is now waiting for the day, when he can show the rough cut of the film to Ekta post which, the promotional blitzkrieg would kick-start in a major way.

Laughs Sanjay, ”Yes, the interesting part is that till now she hasn’t even stepped in. In fact it is too early for her to do anything since she is busy in her own things. Abhi toh hum bachche log khel hai rahein. She is a sleeping tigress. Once she wakes up, this film would find itself at another level altogether.”

Well, with 1st May quite far away, the wait is only going to be longer!

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