Saqib Saleem: I had a huge crush on Kareena Kapoor!

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Model-turned-actor Saqib Saleem is seven years old in the industry. He started with modeling and did couple of ad films post which he bagged a role in MUJHSE FRAAANDSHIP KAROGE. Apart from that he showed his comic timings in MERE DAD KI MARUTI. Recently he was seen in the film DOBAARA: SEE YOUR EVIL along with sister Huma Qureshi, wherein for the first time in Bollywood real life brother-sister jodi were seen sharing screen together.

In conversation with Saqib as he spoke in length about love, life, movies and why he wants to be like Shah Rukh Khan and more…

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Excerpts from the interview:

How has your journey been in Bollywood?
I came to Mumbai in 2011 for the girl I loved. I didn't come here to become an actor. As I wasn't doing anything she told me to come, I came and later on she dumped me and I didn't know what to do now? My friend who is an actor said, 'Why don't you act? I haven't faced the camera in life ever, so I just gave it a shot for which they gave me 50,000. I was amazed at this as I do this nautanki at home for free and here I was paid and gradually I started liking acting. Seeing my pics and portfolio I met Shanu Sharma, she casted me for two films. I am thankful to God as there are people who are good looking, far better than me. I am lucky that I have done 6 films.

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How was the experience shooting along with your sister Huma Qureshi?
We weren't skeptical at all working together for the first time. When the script was offered initially I had inhibitions as how will I work with her? We have been living for 28 years, but working on a professional front was something not thought off. However, when we started to shoot it was fun. On the sets also we are sibling, we would be prepared and would rehearse our scenes and be prepared in advance. The entire process was enjoyable with each other. In fact we argued a lot. All our emotions and Bhai-Behen arguments are seen on-screen.

Do you and Huma seek guidance from each other?
Yes, we discuss our work. We talk about everything and anything. We have to look out for our own. We talk about films, we talk too much (laughs). Initially we would discuss it with our mom and dad but they are simple people and don't know about the industry, now they know that we are smart and we can handle it.

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Do you have any Godfather in the industry?
I don't believe it's necessary. Even if someone is there to help, one should always make sure that they believe in themselves.

As you have had your share of love, what if a girl comes in your life now?
My thoughts are of old school, and what makes you think I don't have a girl in my life (smiles). What is love? When you start thinking about the person before you. Love is pure and it can happen many times. Everyone has a different journey of their love and life.

Are looks important to survive in Bollywood?
I believe talent is more important. There are so many better looking people than me, being talented and knowing and loving your job is really very important. I want to be an actor and a star both.

If you would want to swap your life with an actor who would he be and why?
I would swap it with Shah Rukh Khan sir, getting upto in Mannat looking out of the window and seeing sea, fans waiting outside, millions of people loving you, that charm that grace and that power to romance, it's my biggest wish to wave like he does to all hi fans.

Which Khan you admire the most and what would you learn from them?
I want to work with each and every Khan. Saif Ali Khan: He is so charming and so easy on screen. Salman Khan: He has a strong personality and he has spark in him. Shah Rukh Khan: He is educated and romancing like him is something that I would want to learn from him. Aamir Khan: I like the way he makes his film choices, he turns the script into magic.

Which actor you have crush on?
Most of them I know, and I don't crush on people I know. I have a crush on Jennifer Lawrence. When I was young I would crush on Kareena Kapoor.

What kind of movies you like watching?
Any kind of film that entertains me. Something which has a story to tell, like KAPOOR AND SONS, NEERJA, CONJURING. I don't watch genre specific films

Tell us about your upcoming project?
I am doing a love story with Taapsee Pannu. The film has been shot in London and Delhi.

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