Sarah-Jane Dias’ driving woes for KYAA SUPER KOOL HAIN HUM

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She may have been game to step out of the sea in a red hot bikini for her sex comedy KYAA SUPER KOOL HAIN HUM. However Sarah-Jane Dias wasn’t as forthcoming when it came to doing something that she had never even attempted in her life. For a few crucial sequences in the film, Sarah was supposed to drive a jeep. However since she had never brought herself behind the wheels ever, her immediate response was in negative.

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“She is a model, anchor and a host which means glamour comes naturally to her. That’s the reason why she had no inhibitions about wearing a bikini or participating in dozens of naughty scenes for the film. However she just put her foot down (not on the accelerator though) when she was asked to drive a jeep. The whole unit was shocked when Sarah declared that she didn’t know how to drive,” says a crew member.


This happened during the Goa shoot of the film and since these scenes were really crucial to the film, there was no scope of any change whatsoever. “Writer-director Sachiin Yardi was helpless too since the scene required Sarah to drive. However she was really scared. It was then decided to precede the shoot with other scenes and Sarah was sent for a crash course in driving,” the crew member adds.

Resultantly, an instructor was called on immediate duty and Sarah had three days for herself to make her comfortable behind the wheels.

“It isn’t as if she turned a pro in those three days but thankfully she managed to do the scene herself,” smiles Sachin, “If you closely observe Sarah in the film, you would see her driving around a hotel and also the beach. Of course it was tough for all involved but then there was no other option either.”

Last heard, Sarah is seriously contemplating full time driving course so that in films to come, she is much better prepared to pick such assignments in a jiffy.

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