Satyamev Jayate’s impact: Farmers rise to support organic farming

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Even Aamir Khan would not have thought that the Khaps- the Panchayats of Haryana- who had opposed him vehemently for challenging their dictate, within a fortnight would rise in unison to support the issue that Aamir Khan focused in the 8th episode of Satyamev Jayate, issue pertaining to harmful pesticides and their effect on the health of human beings and the livestock.

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Khap Panchayats in and around Jind and the women Khap Panchayat in Haryana convened a meeting where a resolution was passed and it was decided that farmers would shift over to organic farming and would not use chemical pesticides in pursuing agriculture. In the same manner rallies and morchas were taken out in Bhatinda in Punjab which is now notorious for incidence of cancer on account of excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers in the soil. The convener of Kheti Virasat Mission, Punjab while receiving the award informed that Aamir Khan was profusely grateful to him that the fight that they had been waging had got an identity in the form of brand endorser Aamir Khan. He was candid enough to proclaim on the record that for the farmers of Punjab the situation had indeed reached critical levels and if something drastic was not done then the farming in Punjab could be hurtling on a precipitous path to disaster.

Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, Hyderabad which is a pioneering agency down South on the eve of follow up about the impact of programme submitted a memorandum to Aamir Khan requesting him to also be a signatory to the petition that the agency is submitting to Union Agriculture Minister requesting him to create opportunities so that the farmers pick up organic farming in a big way.

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As the effect of the Satyamev Jayate is panning out, Aamir Khan is emerging as the brand ambassador for the issues that he is projecting and he is also agreeable to take the things to the logical end. Chattisgarh Chief Minister, Dr. Raman Singh appeared on the programme and informed Aamir Khan that he had implemented the decision of distributing generic medicines all over the state. It indeed is laudable effort and the CM was candid enough to profess that Aamir Khan indeed would get immense goodwill from the common man. Dr. Raman Singh said that the issue of generic medicine was akin to the last ball six that Aamir Khan had hit in LAGAAN that had left the opponents dumb folded, in the same manner the governments are being pushed to initiate steps for the betterment of the common man.

As far as the issue of promoting organic farming is concerned, schools and academic institutions need to encourage the students of the present generation to visit the organizations promoting agriculture in an organic manner. As Farah Khan, a teacher at the Prakriti School in Bangalore opined that the exposure visit that they had organized for their students to Vandana Shiva’s farm in Dehradun and the subsequent meetings that they hold in their school to address the issue goes a long way in creating awareness on the issue and when the generation which would be at the helm of affairs few years down the line are made aware about the issue and start evincing interest in it, the future is not that bleak for our country.

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