Sayani Gupta: I’ve always been attracted to and intrigued by voice work

Sayani Gupta has lent her voice for an audio show titled 'Buri Nazar', says she always loved the medium and she loved listening to the radio.

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Actress Sayani Gupta has lent her voice for an audio show titled ‘Buri Nazar’. She says she always loved the medium of audio and as a child, she loved listening to the radio. Told through a series of phone calls and voicemails, this Audible Original, penned by award-winning playwright Madhuri Shekar, was adapted into Hindi by Noopur Sinha.

The voices of Supriya Pathak, Sayani Gupta and Rithwik Dhanjani are featured in the audio show.

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The story revolves around Usha who is convinced that the ‘Evil Eye’, a curse that brings continuous misfortune, was cast upon her daughter, Pallavi, in the womb. What else could have possibly left her driven, career-oriented daughter edging closer and closer to 30 without a prospective husband?

Determined to set Pallavi on the right path, Usha arranges date after date with potential suitors, but after yet another set-up fails, it seems her efforts are proving fruitless. But in an unexpected turn of events, Pallavi becomes her own matchmaker when she meets and quickly falls for Sandeep, a young Indian American entrepreneur.

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And though she expects her mother will be elated with her finally finding a man, Pallavi is distraught and confused to find her mother growing increasingly suspicious of Sandeep’s motives…and his true identity.

As Sayani is narrating the character of the daughter Pallavi, talking about working on an audio show, she said, “It’s unbelievable how much potential audio shows/plays have. Growing up listening to radio plays, and my father being part of All India Radio, I have always been attracted to and intrigued by voice work. I enjoy doing it tremendously. It’s amazing to learn the range of emotions you can portray and tell a story with its nuance using just your voice, which is very powerful.

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“Audio storytelling is a craft in itself, and the scope, absolutely fascinating. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing Pallavi and loved the banter with my mother and the romance with the boyfriend. ‘Buri Nazar’ is an extremely unpredictable, exciting story that I know will have our listeners at the edge of their seats – I hope they enjoy this story, as much as we did narrating it!”

The show is available on the audio platform for members from August 31.

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