Shahrukh Khan: I feel shy exposing on-screen

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He is the Badshah of Bollywood and has many girls drooling over him, but believe it or not Shahrukh Khan is a very shy person in real. On-screen he may have portrayed the characters of an extrovert, uber-cool and sexy guy but in real he’s very introvert.


At an event held recently, SRK revealed a fact which not many people are aware about. The actor confessed of being a shy person, especially when it comes to exposing on-screen! The actor also shared his experience while shooting for one of his hit song ‘Dard-e-Disco’ from his super hit film OM SHANTI OM, wherein he had to expose his 8-pack abs.

”Though I can be a livewire on-screen, off-screen I am very shy kind of a person. And my team well knows about it. During the shoot of ‘Dard-e-Disco’ from OM SHANTI OM, I was wearing shorts. We were waiting for all the ladies (background dancers) to get ready, so that I could come and start the shoot. But I felt coy coming in there and told the production guys to ask the ladies to stay away, so that I can quickly get into the water,” said SRK.

He further added, ”As soon as the shot gets over, usually actors go back to the monitor to check out their performance, but I never stepped out of the tub throughout the shooting because of the ladies present there. I kept waiting till shooting got completed and came out wearing a towel only after everybody left!”

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