Sharad Malhotra: I’m an action freak

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Actor Sharad Malhotra calls himself an action freak.

He currently plays Ronak in "Muskaan". For the show, Sharad had to break glass bottles in anger. While doing it, he got hurt. He also got bruises and cuts on his body while shooting for a fight scene.

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"I am an action freak and I do it with all the intensity to make sure it doesn't look fake on screen. In the show, I will be seen performing a lot of stunts where bruises and injuries are going to be part and parcel of an actor's life," Sharad said in a statement.

"There was a sequence in the promo where I had to break bottles and while performing the stunt, I hurt myself. My hand was bleeding."

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But things were brought under control.

"Moreover, I love my work so much that it comes out naturally as a conscious decision," he said.

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